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About us


From 4 to 7 of September, 1999 Art Managers from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Russia and Kirgistan at the meeting in Tbilisi have discussed problems of modern culture requiring not only ideas, but also creation of the Art Managers organization, which will search new financial and human resources.

The mission of Caucasian Art Managers Meeting is creation  of a network for increasing mobility within the limits of the European cultural community through the tax, distribution and exchange of the necessary and accessible information and resources.

The idea of creation the mobile structure for professionals in the cultural field, which want to expand the opportunities, have appeared some years ago, in purpose to overcome barriers, which still prevent a free exchange of ideas, information, experience between the countries and regions.

The result of the meeting was the creation Caucasian Art Managers Network /CAMN /, which carries out its activity by support of Stichting Caucasus Foundation /SCF/ through its offices /Tbilisi, Baku, Yerevan/. The CAMN coordinators will work at SCF regional offices.

For successful work of the managers in the field of culture Caucasian Art Managers Network will aspire:
  1. To create an information bank;
  2. To provide an exchange of ideas and experience;
  3. To provide network service;
  4. To provide professional contacts;
  5. To provide mobility;
  6. To promote creation of uniform space for Art Managers;
  7. To create published directory;
  8. To carry out the exchange training programs;
  9. To promote regional and interregional cooperation in art.

The Board members and coordinators will promote research of means for new technology equipment for art organizations.

The declaration is signed by the participants of the meeting

Additional information about CAMN
The purpose of meeting: to ensure the new cultural initiative in the Caucasian region and to develop cultural cooperation with the neighborhood countries of the South, North, East and West.

The new approach:

  • To promote formation and realization of policy of cultural development;
  • To create conditions for decentralized and pluralistic culture;
  • To aspire to constructive cooperation and cultural dialogue with existing structures with the purpose of working out new forms of interaction for creation of culture of an open society;
  • To provide search of necessary resources for realization and improvement of national and regional cultural policy;
  • To organize and to carry out the international symposiums, social laboratories and other measures with the purpose of exchanging ideas and experience;
  • To use widely opportunities of new technologies for global access to CAMN

Caucasian Art Managers Network is open for cooperation with any organizations in the field of culture.

Members of the Board:

Teona Kakhidze -  Chairman of the Board          Georgia
Jahangir Selimkhanov                                      Azerbaijan
Arthur Ghukasyan                                            Armenia
Iuri Mgebrishvili                                               Georgia
Levan Khetaguri                                               Georgia
Sergei Shernin                                                 Russia
Gabriele Zaidyte                                               Lithuania


Narek Tovmasyan         Armenia
Ehtiram Hasanov           Azerbaijan
Keteva Kordzakhia         Georgia










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