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International Cultural Fair - Caucasus 2005
14-21 October, 2005 Tbilisi, Georgia
Second edition

Organized by

Caucasian Arts Managers Network
Stichting Caucasus Foundation /The Netherlands/
In cooperation with
Ministry of Culture, Georgia
European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry

ICF - Caucasus 2005 Head Office:
45, I.Chavachavadze Ave., Tbilisi 0162, Georgia
T/F: + 995 32 250089;
E-mail: cultfair2003@caucasusfoundation.ge

International Cultural Fair - Caucasus 2005
14-21 October, 2005, Tbilisi, Georgia

For centuries the Caucasus region has been a crossroads of culture and tradition; a place where Europe meets Asia, Christianity meets Islam. At the start of the silk road, linking Europe with the Far East, it has also played a role as a major trading centre. Again all those traditions are brought together in the second International Cultural Fair, a place where the arts can do business.

A meeting place for the arts of the Caucasus - and the world
With participants representing arts producers, promoters, funders and suppliers, as well as local businesses and the general public, the Fair is a magnificent opportunity to:

  • Sell your work on the local, regional and international market
  • Programme your venue with the best the region and the world has to offer
  • Establish new partnerships with international colleagues to create collaborative projects
  • Make contact with potential sponsors
  • Sell your work directly to the general public

A fast growing market place
The arts in the Caucasus are booming and, after years of neglect, theatres, concert halls and galleries are being renovated to bring them up to the highest international standards. The Fair offers suppliers the chance to meet with venue managers, government officials to discuss their needs.

A showcase for the arts
Tbilisi has a dynamic arts scene with some of the leading companies of the world both in the traditional and contemporary arts fields. Alongside the presentations in the Fair there will be opportunities to visit galleries and performing arts venues across the city.
First time will be organized Caucasian Show cases in theatre, music, cinema and visual arts and grafts. Show cases will be presented most remarkable creative personalities and there master pieces ( e.g. Georgia will be presented by famous theatre director Robert Sturua, marionette theatre director Rezo Gabriadze, ballet theatre by Nino Ananiashvili and Georgian National Ballet).

Alongside the Fair there will be three major conferences exploring the needs of arts managers today:

a/ "A Soul for Europe": European cultural policy beyond the European Union.
How to involve Caucasian actors in the Berlin Process. Follow up meting after Berlin conference " The Soul of Europe";

b/ Annual meeting of the Caucasus Arts Managers Network, attended by representatives from across the region.

c/ Art and Economy, bringing together arts managers and business executives to discuss areas of mutual co-operation

The conference timetables will allow ample time for participants to attend the Fair.

Who should attend?
Anybody involved in the production, presentation, promotion or funding of the arts and cultural activities.
ICF - Caucasus 2005 will include:

  • Performing arts, from traditional folk to cutting edge theatre
  • Visual arts representing the finest artists in the Caucasus today
  • Craft from the traditional to the contemporary
  • Cinema and Television
  • Show business including club culture and cabaret
  • Technical equipment and support services

The basic registration fee of  200 EURO includes standard 3-wall modular display stands measuring 31.5 sq.m with basic lighting, table and two chairs and an entry in the Fair catalogue. Participation in the conferences and lunch each day for the stand representative is included. Additional representative badges may be purchased at 20 EURO to cover the duration of the Fair. Two organizations may share may share a stand with the approval of the organizers but must purchase representative badges for each person attending.

A full press office will be maintained throughout the Fair to assist in setting up interviews with local media. Press conferences will be held prior to the Fair
A full catalogue will be produced giving details of all exhibitors. Additional advertising space will be available in the catalogue.

Travel and Accommodation in Georgia
ICF - Caucasus 2005 cannot provide travel or accommodation expenses for international participants. Where necessary, the ICF office will send an appropriate reference to any foundation, organization or a travel agency to assist in grant applications or to obtain any possible discount on airfare.
ICF - Caucasus 2005 office will send a list of hotels and other accommodations. After your choice the ICF office will make a reservation on your behalf. A representative of the ICF-Caucasus 2005 office will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your place of residence and help you with your accommodation and registration.

Entry visas will be provided upon arrival at the special stand in Tbilisi Airport. The price of a visa for two weeks in Tbilisi, Georgia is 10 EU but visas may also be purchased in advance of travel from the Consulate in your country of residence, if available, and this is usually cheaper.

Upon the arrival you will receive a welcome pack, giving both general information about Tbilisi and Georgia, as well as map, and specific information containing your schedule, addresses of venues, embassies and timetable of the performing events.

Key Dates
Will be confirmed.


International Culture Fair /ICF/ - Caucasus 2003, Tbilisi, Georgia

International Culture Fair /ICF/ was conducted in Tbilisi, Georgia during 10-17 October 2003. Such kind of a diverse fair was firstly held in the former Soviet space.

ICF - Caucasus 2003 was occupying Tbilisi Central Concert Hall's, on the VI floor on 4200 sq m. There participated more then 75 organizations and individuals from 12 countries, while being exposed various fields of artistry: theatre, music, craft, multimedia, publishing houses and facilities, cinema, TV, fine arts, informational support to culture etc. Several thousand spectators attended ICF - Caucasus 2003 during 5 working days.

There were held three conferences during the fair:

  1. Meeting of Caucasus Art Managers' Network - 78 participants, lasted for 2 days
  2. Art and Globalization- Georgian-Russian culture dialogue, lasted for 2 days
  3. Art & Business- 8 presenters, 80 participants, lasted for 2 days

There was also held a special programme during the Fair, where were screened five cinema programs from Georgia and from Azerbaijan, also there were conducted five musical programs on the forecourt of the fair as well as outdoors. For the fair participants there also was shown more then 10 theater performances. Five Georgian TV channels covered ICF - Caucasus 2003, also dozens of newspapers, where it was highly acclaimed.

There were also held negotiations among dozen of organizations, while being signed agreements, sold quite significant part of exposed material. Participants have established important links between each other for further cooperation,
accepted many invitations from colleagues.

Organizers of the project by generalizing achieved outcome decided to conduct the fair in Tbilisi in October 2005, while organizing theater and cinema showcases within.

General organizer of International Culture Fair - Caucasus 2003 is Stichting Caucasus Foundation / The Royal Netherlands/, Caucasus Art Managers Network, Ministry of Culture of Georgia, European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry and supported by Open Society Institute, Budapest.

ICF- Caucasus 2003 was sponsored by Austrian Airlines, Nescafe (Tbilisi branch), Computer company CAMARA, TeltCom Global Erty
Next edition of the ICF planed in 2005, where we expected an enlargement of participant countries and institutions. Your requests and questions are welcome.

  • Iuri Mgebrishvili - Fair Executive Director/ SCF Programming Director
  • Levan Khetaguri - Fair General Director / SCF President
  • Sophie Tortladze - Performing Arts Coordinator at ICF
  • Ketevan Kordzakhia - Visual Arts Coordinator at ICF
  • Ekaterine Okropiridze - Office Manager / SCF
  • Nino Kiria - Cultural Video Centre / Manager
  • Maka Vasadze - Public Relations
  • Levan Dadiani - IBCCP Director







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