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Application form


* Application for Participation
* Participation Registration Form


Application for Participation
Deadline: 20.08.2005

Please indicate the nature of your business

Performing art
Visual Art
Cinema and TV
Show Business
Technical and support facilities for culture and art
Other (please give details)

 Full name of institution/company/organization/individual/project (if joint stand please give lead person responsible)

Full name of the lead participant

Mailing Address (Zip/Post Code/Country/City)


web page:

Registration fee 200 EURO

Form of presentation:

Applying for:
individual stand
a joint booth stand*
*Additional participant badges must be purchased for each participant

Additional Participant Badges (at 20 EURO per person)
Number required
         Cost EURO

On a separate sheet of paper please provide:
Full Name
Mailing Address
Telephone, Fax
For each additional person.

The ICF - Caucasus 2005 office provides a modular stand of 31,5 sq.m.
(wall and floor). Please point out if you need more space than proposed by the fair organizers and equipments

minimal modular stand 31,5 sq.m/ (FOR FREE /provided by ICF/)
extra sq.m      1 sq.m = 40 EURO                       
TV-Video set.                 Rent price per each 15 EURO.
      Number:        Total:

Additional spotlights. Rent price per each 15 EURO.
      Number:       Total:                                                              
Extensions. Rent price per each 15 EURO.
      Number:       Total:

All stands will receive a free entry in the Fair Catalogue. For additional advertising please indicate

Quarter page in the ICF - Caucasus 2005 Catalogue 70 EURO
Half page in the ICF - Caucasus 2005 Catalogue 100 EURO
Full page in the ICF - Caucasus 2005 Catalogue 150 EURO

Total amount EURO

>> For those hiring the joint booth stand! Each participant must fill in a separate application form (applications enclosed)
>> Please return this application to the International Culture Fair -Caucasus 2005 Head Office until the 20 August, 2005

Conditions of participation

Participation is open to every cultural institution or artist. Participation with a second stand is possible, while works may also be presented jointly by several galleries but should be agreed with the ICF organizers in advance to provide the benefiting service. The contact person himself attends the stand and shows the represented work to visitors. Additional participant badges must be purchased for each individual attending the stand

Stand: The ICF -Caucasus 2005 will provide a three-wall modular stand of
31, 50 sq.m for free. The stand will be equipped with a table, two chairs, hooks & hangings and a spotlight.

Stand does include a plug, but in case of need extensions may be hired in the special ICF-Bureau at the fair, as well as TV-Video set and additional spotlights.

A designers group will be present at the forecourt of the fair to assist with preparation of exhibition stands using the standard materials provided. A small charge will be made for this service.

Programme of the Fair: During the event participants will receive the programme of the fair with information about other cultural events in the town, as well as the timetable of all conferences, seminars and performances in theatres across Tbilisi during the event.

Catalogue: ICF - Caucasus 2005 will issue the official catalogue of the fair, (Format A4, 2000 copies) which will include a free entry for all stands. Additional advertising may be purchased at the following rates:
page - 70 EURO
page - 100 EURO
1 Page  - 150 EURO

Each participant will receive a copy and will be able to buy more at a moderate price. For this reason all documents and material about participant party and the
transfer paper should be sent to the ICF-Caucasus 2005 Head Office before
20 August, 2005 in order to assure the success of each participant.

>> A personal page in the catalogue could also be purchased by those physically not attending the fair at a cost of EU200

Translation Service: There will be a Translations Bureau on the forecourt of Fair providing interpreters of English, Italian, German, Spanish and French for a small cost. Additional languages may be available by prior arrangement

Invitations: Invitations to attend the official opening of the fair will be issued to all registered participants. Additional invitations may be available for guests, subject to prior agreement with the ICF-Caucasus 2005 office.

Insurance: ICF - Caucasus 2005 will underwrite an insurance policy on the works of art for each stand, against theft, breakage or fire due to the organizers negligence during the time they are exhibited at the fair. Exhibitors are advised to take out appropriate insurance for travel, transportation and medical insurance.

Terms of Payment

  • The registration fee of 200 EU must be paid by July 1 or at the time of registration in Tbilisi.
  • Catalogue entries must be paid for and monies received by the ICF office, together with any other documentation, before the copy deadline of 20 August, 2005 .
  • Charges for any additional facilities required on the stand and badges for additional personnel will become payable on issue of the invoice by the ICF -Caucasus 2005.
  • ICF Office will dispatch badges of the Fair with participant's name and country of origin.

Press and Publicity - (PR work)

The ICF -Caucasus 2005 Head Office undertakes responsibility to publish information about participants (title and contacts) on the fair's web-side and in the catalogue and to distribute information to local media, on a free basis.

  • Press Conferences will be held in the last week of September and a week prior the official opening of the Fair (14 October, 2005). Accreditation of local and
    international journalists will be possible before the second press conference.
  • On request, the office can assist with arranging meetings with journalists during the fair. The office will also assist journalists wishing to publish separate information about a participating artist or organization, subject to the agreement of the participant.
  • Invitations to attend the Fair will be sent to Ministry of Culture, City Art Council, State Chancellery's art department, Embassies, international organizations and institutions, Foundations and Trusts. Invitations will also be sent to professionals working in the sector, Tbilisi State University and other Institutes as well as potential buyers of works of art.
  • Posters of the ICF - Caucasus 2005 will be displayed around the city. The poster will also be reduced to the postcard size and the title, contact details and dates will be printed on the back. Before and during the event there will be advertisements published in local press and the local radios and television stations will announce the ICF celebration.

Administration regulations

  • For the official opening ceremony, presentations, press conferences, actions and video projections there will be the special space provided by the ICF organizers at the forecourt of the fair. There will also be a canteen, cafe, medical post, cash-machine and currency exchange service.
  • Any participant is free to conduct a presentation of its organization /project/ exposition on their stand. If any participant wishes to make a presentation as part of the official programme of the fair, application must be made to the organizing committee in advance.
  • Each participant is responsible for the design and equipment of their stand. The ICF office will provide the necessary technical facilities (Leader, hanging equipment, tools and staff)
  • If any exhibited item is to be hung above 2,5 meters, the organizing committee should be informed before the last week of September.
  • Cleaning services are provided for free;
  • ICF-Caucasus 2005 also provides security service during 24 hours each day while the fair;
  • The ICF office undertakes responsibility to cover any damage, theft, breakage or fire due to the organizers gross negligence during the fair. Exhibition participants are responsible for the safety and care of their display.

Participant's Package:
To apply please return the appropriate application form together with a following documentation.

For the visual art sector: Biography and list of artist's exhibitions, photos (could be the web-side), catalogues (if any), leaflets (if any).
Questions to Mrs.Ketevan Kordzakhia.

For the performing art sector: Posters, passport of the production (including technical information) photos and videotape.
Questions to Ms.Sophie Tortladze

For the music sector: Questions to Mrs.Teona Kakhidze

>> Documentation submitted will not be returned. It will be archived at the ICF - Caucasus Head Office

A day timetable during the fair:
09:00 - 13:00 (conferences and meetings)
11:00 - 13:00 Opening of the fair (attandance with the special invitations)
13:00 - 14:00 lunch
14:00 - 18:00 "open gates" (general public attendance)

Important dates and data:
Application Deadline: 20 August, 2005
Deadline for the Catalogue entries: 20 August, 2005
(Materials and transfer of full payment)
Publication of catalogue: September, 2005
Registration and stand erection: 13-14 October, 2005
Fair official opening 14 October 2005 19.00
Fair begins: 15 October, 2005 11:00
Public Opening: 15 October, 2005 14:00
Fair ends: 20 October, 2005 18:00
Farewell cocktail: 20 October, 2005 till 19: 00
Stand dismantling: 20 October 19:00 - 20:00



Participation Registration Form

Name of Participant:
Name of Organization:
Zip code:
Passport number:
Passport issued on:
Valid till:
Date of arrival:
Date of departure:







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